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Who are we?

"And the moral of this is: Be what you would like to appear to be; or, to put it more simply: Do not imagine yourself to be different from what it might have seemed to others that you were. or could have been while remaining identical to what you were without ever appearing other than you were before becoming what you are."

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Anastasia Dorocheva, founder of the Wonderland 21 guesthouse


II've spent my whole life inventing parties for others. A party is when things don't go as usual. It is a special energy and a feeling of happiness and fullness. It's a bit like in childhood, when the soul becomes luminous, overflowing with love and flies away. And now I wanted to invent a place where this good energy will always live and fill the people who enter. My old dream of creating mini-apartments where guests from all over the world would come to immerse themselves for a while in kindness, comfort, attention and care, and then leave completely happy, has finally come true.

I'm Alice, remember? This little girl who spent her childhood in a world of wonders. I'm 52, but you know what? The world of wonder remains magnificent with its unpredictability, the possibility of believing in thousands of impossibilities per day, and the ability to find something funny in everything around us. It has not disappeared anywhere, it is still around us.

In Wonderland21 you will find many familiar items that I took away from the fairy tale. You can interact with them and even become friends.

I create sculptures - benevolent characters born from shards of disused old objects. Do you want to visit a magic workshop? Learn to create your own living sculptures?

I invent fairy tales that help them see meaning and light. It is perhaps possible to make your stay even more magical if you are greeted by the characters of Lewis Carroll, and you can personally attend a crazy tea with the Hatter, Alice and Sonia, play croquet with the flamingos and the hedgehogs...

I open my magical house to those who are interested in a fairytale version of this world...

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Throughout my life, I have not only changed cities and countries, but also practiced many professions. Everything interested me: driving trains, making films, capturing moments of happiness in photos, cooking delicious dishes. After working for many years as a family photographer and videographer, I became co-owner of the Circus Street Food food Here I can create magical recipes for delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. With our food truck, we travel a lot to festivals and fairs, and we meet many talented people. With the birth of Wonderland21, I now have the opportunity to cook delicious dishes not only for fairs and festivals. Our guests can forget about restaurants and enjoy delicious international cuisine prepared with love. We will ensure that the necessary products are in the refrigerator upon your arrival. We can organize a festive dinner in our magical house according to your wishes. And all this can be captured in photo or video so that you keep wonderful memories of your stay in France.

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