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Alice's Flea Market

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I love it flea markets, you can find lots of wonders there. In Wonderland21 there are many old objects and toys. If you like something, you can buy it.  This will allow me to hunt around again and find more beautiful things. Do not hesitate to consult this catalog

Objects are materialized thoughts.

Old objects accumulate in themselves the energy of the events surrounding them, the mood of the soul of their owners, and can tell a lot of interesting things about past life.

There are objects that bring joy to someone year after year and preserve it within themselves.

There are objects which belonged to simply good and joyful people, and which bear the imprint of this life. There are objects filled with what people have invested in them day after day.

Objects, like musical notes, can make sounds.

If they are correctly and harmoniously "integrated" into the interior, an atmospheric music is created, which they produce. And then, all the force and energy that each object has accumulated over the course of its existence is released outwards.

The catalog

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