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That's it. You are at the heart of everything.
The most interesting destinations for all ages and the whole family to discover less than an hour from your guest room...
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Disneyland Paris

A must-have, a sure value! Since its opening in 1992, the amusement park has not run out of steam and still attracts crowds! Plan a big day to fully enjoy this park looks like a city. Here we have the delicious impression of having crossed the screen and evolving in one of the many settings of Disney films. An entire city dedicated to magic and enchantment with its neighborhoods, its streets, its numerous activities,attractions and its residents.  Test the teens' courage by sending them on a tour of the Haunted House. They will have to follow a route that will take them through the rooms of this not-so-calm house.n looks! We also come to Disneyland to immerse ourselves in the world of its films or experience the adventures of our favorite character! So why not pretend to be Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril attraction or become very small, as small as Rémy the rat from Ratatouille in Ratatouille: Rémy's Totally Crazy Adventure.

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Outlet Valley Village 8 min


120 prestigious brands offer their collections from previous seasons at reduced prices,7 days a week* from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Find the major French and international luxury and fashion brands in a charming open-air Village where they have chosen to amaze us…

Experience shopping pleasure in its purest form, in the heart of a little paradise of fashion and luxury...

Succumb to your favorites, with irresistible discounts...Feel like a VIP, showered with privileges and little touches...

 *Exceptional closure of the Village on May 1st, December 25th and January 1st. Hours subject to change.

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Paris 45 mins

Paris is monumental, in terms of its size of course but also in terms of its rich architectural heritage! One of the symbols of the capital, its best-known monument is the Eiffel Tower, this "Iron Lady" with its unique appearance offers an unparalleled view to its visitors. Not far away is the equally iconic Arc de Triomphe. Steeped in history, it dazzles on sunny days when you can see the sun setting in the hollow of this large arch. Another must-see, the Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral offers a grandiose spectacle. Equally evocative and having inspired writers and filmmakers, the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur houses the largest mosaic in France and benefits from an incredible panorama from the top of the Montmartre district! Paris still has its mythical squares: the Place de la Concorde with its two fountains, its rostral columns and the incredible obelisk of Luxor, the Place de la Bastille with its famous July Column which commemorates the revolutionary days and its very modern Paris National Opera, the Place de L'Opéra which exhibits its magnificent Opéra Garnier....

Vaux le Vicomte 45 min


Commissioned by Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finances of Louis XIV, it is one of the largest castles in France and the source of inspiration for the Castle of Versailles. It was born from the imagination of the most prominent artists of the 17th century, the architect Louis Le Vau, the decorator Charles Le Brun and the gardener André Le Nôtre.

An illustration of the genius of Le Vau, the castle will captivate you from the steps of the porch with the delicacy of its facade with its pediment carved with squirrels, Fouquet's emblem, and its view across the gardens. Crossing the threshold, you enter the intimacy of a large 17th century residence. Woodwork, paintings and sculptures adorn the rooms highlighted by the beauty of Le Brun's decor. The furniture and decoration are magnificently preserved, from the King's Chamber and its stuccos enhanced with gold leaf, to Fouquet's Chamber decorated with the works of art of the master of the place. In the basement, immerse yourself in the excitement of the kitchens of the famous maître d'hôtel Vatel, who went down in history for having ended his life, while he was in the service of the Grand Condé, because the catch of the day was arrived late…

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Jewel of the Champagne Fair towns, Provins is an authentic and perfectly preserved witness to the medieval history of France from the 11th to the 13th century. The exceptional monuments of this city immerse you in Middle Ages culture. Provins is surrounded by ramparts from the 11th and 13th centuries, forming one of the most imposing enclosures in France. Attention lovers of the past! The ramparts, the Caesar Tower, the Tithe Barn, the underground passages, the Saint-Ayoul Priory, the Museum of Provins and Provinois…  The treasures of the town of Provins are revealed before your eyes with each walk. A hike on the Château guard path will offer you a sublime view of Provins.

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